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Summeraire HRV’s are manufactured by Trent Metals, Inc. located in Peterborough, ONT, Canada. Trent Metals was started in 1953 and began by manufacturing HVAC accessories from galvanized sheet metal stock. Then, in the mid 1980’s, Canada found themselves at the forefront of energy efficient home designs and soon discovered the need for mechanical ventilation systems in tightly constructed homes. Highly insulated structures with air barriers significantly reduced heat loss and energy consumption, but created an unexpected consequence – poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Ventilation was the solution and a method of mechanically removing trapped indoor air laden with contaminants (such as chemical off-gassing from building materials, furniture, carpeting and excessive moisture) and replacing it with fresh outdoor air was done through a product called an air exchanger or HRV (heat recovery ventilator). HRV’s soon became the product of choice for they had the ability to bring in fresh outdoor air into a home or building while at the same time exhausting the same amount of stale/contaminated indoor air – referred to as a balanced ventilation system. The passage of air within the HRV takes place through a flat plate heat exchanger core which keeps each air stream separate, thus avoiding cross contamination of the air streams. Energy (heat) from the exhaust air stream tempers the incoming outdoor air minimizing the energy needed to maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature and assuring IAQ for the people residing in homes and the workplace.

Soon thereafter, the US market began incorporating energy efficient home designs throughout the country and demand for HRV’s grew quickly. It was at this time (the early 1990’s) that Trent Metals decided to manufacture its own brand of HRV’s (called Summeraire) and soon began distributing these products into both the Canadian and US markets.

SummerAire​ HRV’s - Built Better to Last Longer

The need for fresh air in tight construction homes and buildings is why SummerAire Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) were created. Most SummerAire residential models are Energy Star compliant, meaning the energy used does not exceed efficiency standards established by the US EPA. This highly recognized label and standard has become a HVAC equipment requirement of many quality homebuilders throughout the US. With units available from 75 to 2,500 cfm, Summeraire HRV’s offers a full line of residential and light commercial models ideal for homes, office space, animal kennels, shops, pools and more.

The EP Sales Connection

Since 1998, EP Sales, Inc. has been the US representative for Summeraire HRV products. We currently stock all current Summeraire residential and commercial models, accessories and replacement parts in our warehouse in Bloomington, MN. With over 75 years of combined experience in ventilation equipment, requirements, sizing and design, EP Sales provides distributors and contractors knowledgeable and reliable assistance and tech support for all types of residential and light commercial ventilation projects.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Summeraire products and parts to service the needs of our customers.