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​SummerAire - Built to Last Longer

When the weather gets colder and the heat is used at a higher level, two complaints can often be heard. The first is that a building—whether it’s a home or an office—feels ‘stuffy’ or feels like the humidity is too high. The second is that a smell of a chemical like bleach that originates from one part of the building gets dispersed through the entire building; the same goes for smoke, pet dander, and other air pollutants that can make people sick. The reason for this is a lack of circulating fresh air.

Due to energy costs rising, modern buildings are highly insulated against heat loss, since it costs energy to replace that lost heat. Even if a source for fresh air is introduced, the air brought in is often colder than the ambient air in the building, which means the heating unit must work harder and expend more energy to heat the incoming fresh air.

Fresher Air with SummerAire​

Circumstances like this are why the SummerAire Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) were created. These units serve two purposes. First, they serve to bring in fresh outdoor air, heat it to the appropriate temperature, and circulate it throughout a building. This not only flushes out stale, poor-quality air, it also keeps a building comfortable without adding too much in energy costs. Second, these units also function as dehumidifiers. If a building has excessive moisture building up inside due to poor air circulation or quality, these units can reduce the humidity to more tolerable levels. All SummerAire models are Energy Star compliant, meaning they help keep energy costs down for consumers.

While specific features may vary from model to model, the majority of SummerAire HRV have the following standard features and benefits:

• Improvement of indoor air quality, and filtering of poor quality, stale air.

• Reduction of pollutants and household odors.

• Reduction in excess humidity levels.

• Energy efficient components such as motors and fans.

• 3 speed built in fan controls.

• Auto On/Off System to conserve energy.

• Intake and exhaust systems that are color-coded.

• 5 year warranty on all components

• Lifetime limited warranty on heat recovery core.

For homeowners, it can be difficult to balance heating costs with maintaining a comfortable living environment. The higher the heat is turned up, the stuffier a house can become. In addition, humidity levels can fluctuate to the point of being uncomfortable, and the air can become stale and unhealthy, especially for people with allergies and asthma. Fortunately, SummerAire HRV products can alleviate these issues. They bring in fresh air, warm it to the correct temperature, and flush out stale, low-quality air, keeping any space comfortable. SummerAire products are high-quality, Energy Star compliant products, which means customers won’t incur any unnecessary expenses while running their new HRV unit.

The Famous SummerAire Warranty​

Additionally, SummerAire offers a 5-year warranty on components and a lifetime limited warranty on the heat core; this will save customers money on potentially costly repairs over the lifetime of the product. Coupled with SummerAire’s high standards of production, the warranty ensures optimal functioning of any HRV unit they produce.

At EP Sales, we know ordering HVAC, plumbing, and heating products for your jobs can feel a bit overwhelming. Since we were founded in 1998, we have worked to carefully cultivate positive relationships with manufacturers such as SummerAire, Thermolec, and others. We carry a wide range of top quality products, as well as any repair parts and accessories you might need. We can serve any contractor in the upper Midwest with any HVAC or plumbing-related need, thanks to our highly trained and experienced staff. So when your projects need upgraded heating equipment, give us a call.

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SummerAire Products

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Summeraire products and parts to service the needs of our customers.